Wildlife decimated by Herring and Black Backed Gulls

This video shows one of the biggest previous nesting areas in the North York Moors for Curlew (Red Listed), Lapwing (Red Listed), Golden Plover (Green Status) and Snipe (Amber Listed), however this year the wildlife has been decimated by Herring Gulls and Black Backed Gulls.

In previous years the landscape shown in this video at this time of year would be full of nesting birds, but unfortunately this year the nesting pairs have turned up, possibly laid eggs and then disappeared. After a good hours walk around the area there was no sign of any territorial pairs of any of the above mentioned Ground Nesting Birds and no signs of any nests.

In previous years Game Keepers have been granted licences to control the Herring and Black Backed Gulls but this year no licences have been issued and this is the result. These gulls are coming inland to prey on helpless birds, nests and chicks and sadly there is nothing we can do to protect them.

Predator control is an essential part of moorland management, there is no desire to eradicate any species but by applying a constant pressure on the predators it gives all of the vulnerable birds a better chance.