Well Used Nest Boxes

It’s fantastic to see that the nest boxes the Gamekeepers have been putting up around their estates are getting well used.  The old quad bike box turned into one of the nest boxes has made a good home for two barn owls and 3 eggs, and in the others we have a nest of baby Blue Tits and a Red Start.

These successful nest boxes are all on just one of our estates but as all of our estates have now erected nest boxes we are definitely doing our bit to help with the breeding success of all birds and this especially good for the red listed species.

Redstarts are immediately identifiable by their bright orange-red tails, which they often quiver.  Breeding males look smart, with slate grey upper parts, black faces and wings and an orange rump and chest. Females and young are duller.  Redstarts ‘bob’ in a very robin-like manner, but spend little time at ground level. It is included on the Amber List of species with unfavourable conservation status.