Weasels, the pesky predator

It’s extremely hard to get a photo of a weasel so it’s all the more impressive that we’ve been sent in this video clip.

Weasels are small and agile and they hunt day or night in any season, you’ll even see them out in the snow.

Weasels are russet-brown in colour, they are smaller than a stoat and have a shorter tail with no black tip so this will quickly help distinguish whether you’ve seen a stoat or weasel.  If you happen to see them running the weasel has a running gait with straight back but the stoats bound along arching their backs as they go.

Fortunately the ongoing licence debacle hasn’t affected the permissions the Game Keepers have to legally control stoats and weasels.  It is vital that this continues as they pose big threats to all the Ground Nesting Birds.