We are now facing an even bigger threat

After the devastating wildfires that have hit moorland and woodland already this year we are now facing an even greater threat.

The first lapwing chicks of the year were spotted yesterday and their chances of survival have now been drastically reduced.  Lapwings are a red listed species meaning they are of the highest conservation priority and yet as of tonight we are unable to protect them from some of their biggest dangers.

We are looking to Natural England today to issue a simple license application that can be processed through quickly so all the gamekeepers, pest controllers, farmers and land managers can get back to doing what they do best and that is looking after the countryside and it’s wildlife.

This time of year is crucial as it is the start of the ground nesting birds breeding season and is also when crops are starting to grow, the temporary revocation today of these general licences will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on wildlife as essential predator control will be unable to take place.

Come on Natural England, give us some good news, with a simple licence application form that can be filled in quickly and processed in record time.