The Red Listed Curlew

Receiving lots of nest photos through to the page now and here we have a curlew nest.

The curlew is another of the Red Listed species that is of the highest conservation priority.

It is the largest European wading bird and is instantly recognisable by its long, downcurved bill, brown upperparts, long legs and evocative call.

World curlew day is coming up on the 21st April and this is a day designated to raising awareness of the plight of curlews.  It is a grass-roots initiative, supported by major environmental organisations and encourages organisations and individuals to organise events.  This could be a talk, a curlew walk, a curlew coffee morning, hold a curlew-themed art show, create a curlew song or dance, hold a curlew-themed poetry evening, draw a curlew picture, have a Curlew Day at a local school, hold a ‘curlew conversation’ and record people’s memories of when curlew were common…the list is endless.