The necessity of man made ponds on the moors

The North York Moors have a vast number of man made ponds and many of these have been in place for a long time.  These ponds provide vital water supplies for animals and wildlife especially during the dry summer months.

The common frogs are making good use of the ponds and looking at pictures 2, 3 and 4 there is a large amount of tadpoles visible.  On average from the tadpole being hatched to it looking like a miniature version of an adult frog with all limbs developed it will take just 12-16 weeks.




The below image taken from the pond area shows some grouse brood muck (commonly known as sitting foil).  Sitting foil is the large faeces created by the hen grouse, as she only leaves her nest once or twice a day when she is sitting on eggs the normal faeces is condensed into one large amount (the sitting foil). The hen grouse will normally deposit the faeces away from her nest so as not to draw the attention of predators to where she is nesting.