The End of the Grouse Season is Here

The Grouse Season runs from the 12th August through to the 10th December, meaning the final shots of the year could be heard today.  However in reality it is quite unlikely that any estates are still actually shooting as the vast majority of estates will have had the bulk of their shoot days in August and September.

As Red Grouse are a wild game bird estates look to shoot only the surplus each year whilst trying to maintain a good stock level for future breding.  Despite the very unwelcome arrival of Heather Beetle to the North York Moors we have overall recorded good numbers in 2019 with the majority of estates completing a full calendar of planned shoot days and reflecting on a productive year not only for the estates but the wider community involved.

It is not just the Shooting Estates that benefit from a good Grouse Season but the wider community heavily feels the impact.  Local shops, restaurants, pubs and butchers are among those who rely on grouse shooting for their businesses to survive during the quieter winter months and for individuals who earn extra money throughout the season by helping out on shoot days also get to have a little extra money in their pockets.

Young and Old, Male and Female there is no discrimination in place for Shoot Days, everyone is made very welcome in the shoot day families.  This year we are pleased to say we have encouraged even more people to try game and especially grouse, we have let people take their first shots on keepers day and most of all we’ve all had fun.

The preparation for next years season is already underway with the burning of heather, predator control and the training of some young new dogs. Exciting times are ahead and there’s always lots to look forward to, fingers crossed that lady luck is feeling kind as we now begin the countdown to August 12th 2020.