The Columba Project benefits from NYMMO Dog Training Days

NYMMO are really proud to be able to hand over £1,000.00 to Maureen Westerman who has been the project co-ordinator for the Columba Project in Middesbrough since it’s inception in 2003.  Since opening its doors 16 years ago the charity has provided a place for vulnerable young adults to attend twice weekly where they are provided with a listening ear and offers of snacks and drinks.

Thanks to John Cavana and Connolly’s Red Mills for running the 3 HPR (hunt, point, retrieve) gun dog training days which raised the funds to allow NYMMO to donate this fantastic amount of money, which will pay for the charity’s rent for the whole of 2019.

John and his team of volunteers for the Gift of Game initiative visited the #ColumbaProject in December where they were one of several charities which benefited from the 500 game meals that have been cooked and provided to homeless shelters in the past 6 weeks.

The game season may have ended but the cooking certainly hasn’t and next on the menu we have venison as we look to continue serving the homeless community with hot meals throughout 2019.

Thank you to Michael Rogers for the use of his dog action shots of the day.