The 1st Week Almost Completed

As we near the end of the 1st week of the Grouse Shooting season, we ask the question, have you managed to sample some grouse yet?

Prospects for this years Grouse Season are quite mixed but hopefully their will be enough shoot days, which in turn will bring in visitors to the area and then provide the vital lifelines which many local towns and villages rely on.

Richard Waind of S Waind & Son the local butcher from Kirkby Moorside near Helmsley quotes “We receive dressed grouse from local estates in North Yorkshire and have developed grouse sausages and burgers which have been a real hit with the public, along with whole grouse birds which have also sold well.  Grouse is a low-fat healthy meat offering a rich flavour and it is fantastic that consumers are now eating far more consciously by choosing game produce in season.  The additional demand for game meat during the Grouse season provides a welcome increase in sales to the business.

So………………….. once you’ve taken a trip to your local butchers and picked up some grouse, here’s what you can do with it.

There are some fantastic recipes here from BASC and Taste of Game. If you are new to Game Cooking then they’ll give you some ideas or if you’re a seasoned pro you can try something different either way they look really tasty.