Stoats – The Chick Killers!

This photo shows a stoat which has just been shot by the gamekeeper on Hawnby estate, unfortunately it was too late for the little Lapwing chick that was in its mouth.  This is a perfect example of why predator control is essential in trying to protect all ground nesting birds.

The Fenn trap shown above are LEGAL traps that are seen on the moors and these target Stoats, Weasels, Rats and Squirrels, these traps are essential as when chicks hatch they do not fly immediately and this is when they are most at risk.  FennTraps are usually set either on wood rails that have mesh guards attached to them (this is to try and eliminate any non-target species from entering) or alternatively in tunnels that run either within, gutters, walls, track sides or any other route that looks like it could be a potential predator run.

Remember these traps are on the moors to help all ground nesting birds with their survival chances, so please DO NOT tamper with them and then hopefully we will get to see more of the chicks below.