SPEED KILLS – Slow Down On The Moors

The pictures below show incidents of animal and bird fatalaties on the roads over the Rosedale & Westerdale moors at the weekend.  The pictures show a hen grouse, a lamb, a curlew chick, a lapwing and a golden plover chick.
The high number of deaths relating to wild birds and sheep that have been run over and killed is alarmingly high.  Last year alone on the Rosedale & Westerdale estate there were over 30 sheep/lambs and 926 grouse killed on the roads (this was an increase on the 728 grouse in 2014 which then was thought to be really high).  It is also documented that an astonishingly high 80% of wader birds within 100yds of a public road also lose their life.
We can only stress the importance of curbing high speeds on moor roads as we try to look to protect the lives of as much wildlife as we can.
IMG_0550 IMG_0554 DSC01619                                   IMG_0553 IMG_0551