Ring Ouzel Chicks on Westerdale Moor

DSC01551 DSC01601 IMG_0526

The above 3 great pictures are of Ring Ouzels on the Westerdale Moor, this is one of the nests that has been closely monitored for the last month.  The Pictures show the development stages from the starting out as eggs, to the newborn chicks and then the growing of feathers.  The camouflaged nest wasn’t as well positioned as you might think it was in a really close proximity to a railway line being only 2 metres away from it!

There are only between 6,200 and 7,500 breeding pairs of Ring Ouzels in the U.K. and they are classed as a red status (highest conservation priority) bird.  There have been many sightings by the keepers on Westerdale moor and I think we are very lucky to have these birds nesting on our well managed North Yorkshire Moor estates.

An update on the Ring Ouzels on the Westerdale Estate, another great success story, as you can see from the pictures the chicks have now fledged, a successful outcome and this can only help the Ring Ouzels in their conservation status.

IMG_1464 IMG_1463 IMG_1462