Predator Control for All Ground Nesting Birds

As nesting time is now upon us, the gamekeepers are paying extra attention to the control of Carion Crows, Magpies, Rooks, Jackdaws and Jays.  These birds are the ones that would normally “suck” the eggs so pose a big threat to the breeding success of rare red listed waders and all the ground nesting birds.

Various traps are used on estates for predator control and the type of traps in these photos have live decoy birds inside them. As we are in the full swing of the Easter holidays and the weather is absolutely tropical the moors will undoubtedly have substantially more visitors than usual so we are trying to highlight why we use these traps.

Traps are an essential piece of equipment for gamekeepers and the traps used are 100% legal. The traps have food, water and shelter for the live bird inside which is used as the “decoy” to attract similar birds. Once any birds have been caught they are then removed from the trap and humanely dispatched by the gamekeeper and these traps are checked at least once every 24 hours.

PLEASE do not interfere with these or any other traps that are found whilst walking on the moors as this will impact and hinder the breeding success of all the #GroundNestingBirds on the moors.

Moors which are managed for grouse see “ALL” ground nesting birds given the best chance of breeding success and work by the gamekeepers is continually done to provide the best habitat possible and minimise the risk of attacks by predators.