NYMMO Gamekeepers Take To The Pitch

Rosedale Football Club was the setting for the 2nd annual “Fun and Friendly” football match featuring Rosedale F.C. versus NYMMO gamekeepers and, after their 6 nil defeat last year, hopes were high for an improved performance from the keepers.

The keepers led a strict warm up routine, enlisted the help of a couple of “ringers” onto their team and turned out in a very dashing Orange football strip, BUT, unfortunately this didn’t help them to reverse the score line from last year.  The keepers were upbeat after the match and were taking the positives out of the game, after all they did manage to score 2 goals, unfortunately for them though Rosedale Football Club scored 8!

The afternoon was immensely fun, there was a good crowd turned up to watch and the players themselves all managed to get through the 90 minutes relatively unscathed.

Following on from the match, Hot dogs and Burgers were on the barbecue and plenty of lemonades to wash them down, it was a warm day and the lads certainly worked up a thirst.

Note to Keepers for next year ………………………………………. More practice required!!!