NYMMO at Danby ParkFest

What a great day out we had at Danby ParkFest yesterday, an event which marks the start of National Parks Week.  NYMMO joined Levisham Moor Hawking and Conservation Group, who are one of NYMMO’s Founder members and the Danby Moor Environmental Stewardship Scheme

Brian Sweeney was representing the Danby Moor Environmental Stewardship Scheme, which is funded by Natural England and managed by local upland farmers and the Dawnay Estate staff.  The scheme is hoping to improve the quality of the moorland landscape, increase biodiversity, and offset the impacts of climate change.  The project involves the sensitive management of moorland to provide a diverse mosaic of habitats that benefit wildlife, sheep and Red Grouse.  Brian brought a good selection of examples with him for everyone to see, ranging from traps used in predator control, to fox nets, sheep fleeces and he even brought his very lovable dog Flynn a 2 year old working Cocker Spaniel dog.

DSC_2293    DSC_2320

Nick Dearing was representing Levisham Moor and brought along 2 stunning birds, a Peales Peregrine Falcon (the dark coloured bird) and a Gyr Falcon crossed with a Peregrine Falcon (the white bird).  The birds were a brilliant attraction with lots of visitors coming to see them, some people were even brave enough to touch them.  Grouse hawking is a spectacular sight to see, both male and female falcons are used and it takes much serious time, dedication and training to achieve the end result.  Grouse hawking is worked with a waiting-on style of flight, when a grouse is located on the fell, the falcon is released, they will then rapidly mount high above the falconer and their working dogs.  Once the falcon has reached their pitch the falconer will then release the dog to flush out the grouse and let the falcon take over.

DSC_2286   DSC_2289   DSC_2282

DSC_2291                DSC_2290


DSC_2304    DSC_2318    DSC_2313

There was lots of entertainment for all, childrens face painting, bike riding skills, archery, woodland walks and even some wine tasting.  A fun filled day with plenty to see and do.

DSC_2323 DSC_2321  DSC_2319

Please come and join us next week where we will be attending MoorFest at the Sutton Bank National Park Centre,  please see link attached for more details.