NYMMO attend Duncombe Park Schools Education Days

Two fantastic Countryside Learning educational school days completed at Duncombe Park which saw over 400 school children have a great day out.

Days like these are essential in educating children about the stunning North York Moors area that they live in and how everyone works together to ensure it’s future.  Gareth (BASC regional officer) and two of our NYMMO Gamekeepers engaged with the children having debates about species management, and balance and sustainability, looking at traps, taxidermy and playing some predator and prey games.

I think the photos show that we held a very captive audience and hopefully the children will take at least one good point away with them as they being the next generation have a vital say in the future of the North York Moors as we know them.

It was fantastic to once again work with such partners as Countryside Learning, North Yorkshire Police, Helmsley Walled Garden, English Heritage, National Parks, BASC, Ryedale Folk Museum and National Centre for Birds of Prey (NCBP).  These great days are so important and it wont be too long till we’re out again with “Lets Learn Moor 2018”.