NYMMO are Guest Speakers at the Farmers Breakfast, Lythe

I had a really enjoyable morning out at Lythe on Wednesday when I attended The Rural Community/Farmers Breakfast with one of our NYMMO gamekeepers Charlie.

We were invited by Isabelle to be the guest speakers where we introduced NYMMO and explained the work of Game Keepers.  Isabelle who along with her band of volunteers do a fantastic job in organising monthly events which bring the community together.

The audience of about 30 got to enjoy (I think they did) our “Gamekeepers Year” presentation which gives a little insight into why the role of the gamekeeper in rural communities is so valuable.

It was lovely to speak individually to people afterwards whilst enjoying a bacon sandwich and we were certainly made to feel at home, I even got given a recipe tip for a future Gift of Game menu, so all in all a very successful morning.