Nesting Boxes for Barn Owls

The Rosedale and Westerdale gamekeepers have undertaken a project at the moment of building and hanging nesting boxes for barn owls.  Over the last few years there has been a real decline in these particular owls and so they have decided to try and do something to assist them in their survival.  After much discussion with each other, deliberation and research as to the design of the shape of the boxes they have now successfully made 20 nesting boxes.  These boxes are placed in various locations across the estate where the barn owls have regularly been seen, from the headkeepers own house to trees and woodland .  There has been various sightings of the owls in and around the boxes and hopefully if they make the move into the boxes we can upload and share these images, fingers crossed they’ll get the results they deserve for their hard work.


1225          1263

IMG_1418   IMG_0386   IMG_0385

IMG_0384   IMG_0383   IMG_0382