Moorland Burning – A Common Sight at this Time Of Year

If you’ve been out on the moors in recent weeks then you’ll undoubtedly have seen plumes of smoke from the Moorland burning which is currently taking place.

This is an absolutely 100% common and legal procedure for this time of year, do not be alarmed or worried and please refrain from calling the fire brigade, should a situation ever arise where they are needed then the gamekeeper will make the call. If we can encourage others to adhere to this advice we can hopefully help to reduce the unnecessary callouts which are financially draining to the service and also make sure if a real emergency arises then there are crews available to attend.

The burning season runs from 1st October to 15th April as this is the period when there is the least chance of damaging wildlife. These cool controlled burns remove the flammable canopy, leave the ground surface untouched and create vital firebreaks to reduce the chances of devastating wildfires.