Greylag Goose & Lapwing Nests on Bransdale Moor

These four photos show a Greylag Goose nest that was found on Bransdale estate, the site of this nest is very significant as it is within 2 metres of a track/fell road making it especially vulnerable to predators and human/dog disturbance.  The message to reiterate is that it is also imperative that all dogs must be kept on short leads when out walking, as this is a common sight and many ground nesting birds are found laying in close proximity to roads.





The 3 photos below show a lapwing (often known as the peewit) nest, the lapwing is a Red List species (highest conservation priority), so it is especially satisfying that our moors have good numbers of these birds and essentially this is because our moors are managed and so the predators are controlled.  All ground nesting birds are at risk from predators, stoats, weasels, rats and squirrels prey on the birds, whereas magpies, crows and rooks suck the eggs so both affect the breeding possibilities greatly by different methods.