Gamekeepers Hit Headlines in the “Yorkshire Post”

The Rosedale and Westerdale Gamekeepers hit the headlines in the Yorkshire Post in an excellent article highlighting the positives of gamekeepers and why their presence on the moors is vital. “Guardians of the moors” and “Why the value of gamekeepers should never be lost” are two great captions used in the report after an interview which saw Jimmy Brough (head gamekeeper) and two of his under-keepers Michael Wearmouth and Ben Mountain discuss their day to day roles and how they have evolved over the last eight years since they began at Rosedale.

The gamekeepers throughout North Yorkshire are keen to address the common misunderstandings about their work, are promoting what they do and why they do it and this is where NYMMO came about.  NYMMO gives the keepers a stage to promote their work and this article is another outlet of this happening, this continued success along with the shows we have attended and demonstrations that have been ran makes for sustained good publicity.