Educating the Children about Fox Control

Over the last 2 days the North York Moors has seen a fair amount of snow and the gamekeepers have been very busy out looking for foxes. 
Today they’ve had a couple of young helpers with them, they were very enthusiastic to learn about how finding the foxes might make their chickens at home a little safer.
The fox is one of the main predators to the Ground Nesting Birds and as the snow sets on the ground the gamekeepers have a chance to track, trace and follow the foxes from the footprints that they make in the snow.
This could be a job that takes only a few minutes or could last a good number of hours, some foxes are found resting in heather or under-cover but many are traced to underground holes.  This is when the Game keepers will use a terrier, the dog will be put down the hole which will then prompt the fox to bolt out, the waiting keepers will then be able to shoot and humanely dispatch the fox.  This process is totally LEGAL and 100% within the law.
This job is another essential part of moorland management and helps to protect the Red Grouse along with ALL the other ground nesting birds.