Duncombe Park Schools Day 2019

Wednesday 15th May saw a whopping 222 schoolchildren from 5 different schools attend a Countryside Learning education day held at Duncombe Park.

NYMMO Keepers Nathan and Ben worked alongside Gareth from BASC to educate and entertain all 222 children which were split into 7 groups throughout the day.  The children aged between 5 and 10 listened to talks about predator control and how it was difficult for all the ground nesting birds to protect their eggs and chicks.  The children enjoyed hiding eggs and then running around playing the predator and prey game where they learned first hand why there is a need to control predators to ensure a good balance of birds and animals in the countryside.

The taxidermy corvids were an especially interesting item and the children enjoyed looking, touching and some even cuddling the crows.  Traps always draw a captive audience and the children were no different, they listened intently and some even helped the keeper in demonstrating how they work.

At lunchtime the children were treated to a display from Charlie and his Peregrine Falcon named Laura, who showed off her hunting skills in circling the grounds of Duncombe Park.

NYMMO attended this event for the third consecutive year and enjoys having a good working relationship with Countryside learning, BASC, National Parks and North Yorkshire Police to deliver these fantastic opportunities for schoolchildren.

The weather once again was glorious if not a little too hot, the children and adults went home happy and everyone got ice-cream, another successful day, roll on next year and hopefully we’ll have the barbecue up and running.  Anyone for pigeon……………………………….