Dry Heath Moor Regeneration in only 3 Months

Not the average time of year for a post on Heather Burning but I’ve just received this photo in that I’d like to share with you all.

The photo shows a piece of dry heath which a gamekeeper performed a cool burn on in March of this year, only 3 months later the new green shoots are coming through. Compare this to the devastating wildfires which have happened over the last year on unmanaged land this surely shows why burning must be carried out.

The devastating fire at Saddleworth Moor last year caused the loss of the equivalent of 7cm of peat across the site and released 30 tonnes of lead into the river system and this is alongside the massive loss to wildlife and insects.

The cool burns carried out by the gamekeepers during the time of year when there is minimal chance of damage to wildlife doesn’t touch the underground peat as they only remove the old long rank heather.

The only common sense approach to avoid wildfires is to allow controlled burning.