Day 3 Completed at BBC Countryfile Live North

Following a very wet and muddy start the sun brought the visitors out and the crowds were still there at closing time this evening.

The fantastic collaboration on The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation stand of some of the top Country Sports organisations is certainly living up to expectations.

We’ve seen Silver Sheldon and Simon Whitehead and following them today was the new “Dream Team of Oliver Prince (Wild & Game) and Jimmy Shuttlewood (NYMMO Gamekeeper).  Oliver cooked up a lovely Grouse dish and Jimmy chatted to the audience all about the Red Grouse, most surprisingly was the fact that there was not one person who had ever tried Grouse below.  Don’t worry though they all have

John Cavana takes to the stage in front of a packed audience at the Sheep Show promoting his wool made tweeds with the “Dancing Sheep”

Today definitely seemed like the busiest day of the show so far and our Gamekeepers were certainly kept very busy answering the continuous stream of questions relating to traps, Birds of Prey, Moorland conservation and much much more.

Lots more of the 3 “E’s” – Excitement, Education and Engagement.