Country Show at Harewood House 17th & 18th June

BASC invited NYMMO to join them on their stand at the Country Show at Harewood House and alongside Sir Johnny Scott, Rachel E Wood Jewellery, S.G. Petch and Esther Veerman (Esther – The Country Cook) I think we really had a wonderful stand.

NYMMO keepers Dave and Billy from Snilesworth estate were there on the Saturday with keepers Colin and Kevin from Westerdale there on the Sunday.  The weather was unbelievably warm, the keepers managed full tweeds on Saturday but not the Sunday as we didn’t want any cases of heat exhaustion!  There was a good turnout of people and we chatted to lots of interested parties on moorland life, conservation and even predator control and the children loved getting up close and personal with the taxidermy which is great to help them identify the birds.

I think one of the real bonuses of the 2 days was definitely having Esther on the stand, she cooked up some great dishes over the weekend, from Pheasant goujons, Grouse in Stilton sauce and then my particular favourite the Sloe Chocolate.

Overall a great weekend, a fabulous setting, great company and lots of fun, hopefully we can do the same again next year!