Controlled Cool Burns v Wildfires


The following are informative words of Ian Coghill, these need to be heard, appreciated and essentially understood.

“Yesterday I attended a GWCT meeting in Parliament to discuss Wildfire. Amongst much interesting information we were told that last year’s fire a Saddleworth caused the loss of the equivalent of 7cm peat across the whole site and released 30 tonnes of Lead into the river system which had been trapped in the peat since the industrial Revolution. If the moor eventually begins to function as a carbon sink again it will accumulate peat at a centimetre every 20-30 years. That all means that with luck the peat will be back where it was last spring in about 140- 210 years time. Unfortunately as none of the precautionary measures requested by the FRS will be allowed and as rotational burning will be largely forbidden by NE, as it has been in the past, the moor can confidently be predicted to burn to a crisp again in 15-20 years time.
Thank goodness that the Countryfile ‘journalist’ given the chance to look at the issue of Wildfire chose to spend his time promoting irrelevant and probably ill-founded allegations from FoE which have nothing to do with Wildfire.”