Butt Building on Bransdale Moor

Thanks to Charlie for an excellent sequence of photos illustrating the building of a new Butt from start to finish on Bransdale moor.

These first 2 pictures show the start of the project, the first course of stone getting lined up and bedded in, making sure that each individual stone is stable, no movement and fully level with the stones next to it as this sets up the foundations for the whole butt, it then gets back filled with soil.

13718042_10208188476962116_7509605_o   13702545_10208188477002117_739340651_o

The next picture shows the butt getting built up, course by course, taking special care to overlap each gap with the stone above, exactly the same technique as used in dry stone walling.  As the butt gets higher each course has key stones (throughs) put into it, these protrude out into the soil heap so as to brace it, the back filling with soil is repeated on every course, the layers progress and the butt begins to take shape. 

13718090_10208188476842113_1067485548_o   13692390_10208188476562106_1734991817_o   13682359_10208188476522105_1434056949_o

We can now see the completed stonework of the butt with all the back filling done.  The Bilberry turfs are then added on top of the completed butt, through time they’ll become established and they will then just need strimming each year to keep them looking tidy.

13692340_10208188476642108_715593488_o   13709696_1014474021982931_1939769224_o

The majority of butts seen on the fell are not fenced, however the sheep seem to really bother the butts around this area, climbing on them and disturbing the turf, the fence will hopefully reduce the need to re turf regularly.  The last photos shown are the finished product, painted fence, butt number painted on, strimmed around the back and sides and the newly laid turf has even had a slight trim so as to give the desired shape.

13692263_1014474355316231_740459902_o 13682376_1014475585316108_1500405810_o  13720612_1014475755316091_66737398_o (1) 13694068_1014476421982691_426241499_o


A lot of hard work but what a great result, a definitely impressive butt!!!