Beware – Moorland Monitors arrive at the North York Moors

Over the last 24 hours I have received through to the page so many messages of support in the work that we do.

This has come about due to the arrival of a new Facebook page entitled North York Moors Moorland monitors, as you can see from the photo below it has been created to target Grouse Shooting Estates.

NYMMO prides itself in answering any question that is thrown at us, we have never banned a follower or do we hide any comments.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for this newly created group, following the comments that were posted since its creation we were heartened to see over 80% of the comments (yes we counted them) were pro grouse moors and were stating facts not fiction.  However all of these comments have now been removed from the page leaving only negative comments and the individuals have been banned. This obviously shows a real one sided argument and the North York Moors Moorland monitors is most definitely not looking to portray both sides of the story but give a very biased portrayal.

We would like to inform as many people as we can as to the creation of this group and let them know their LACK of morals. They have also used the North York Moors National Park logo to make it look like the parks are in agreeance with what they are doing.

Don’t be fooled.