Benefits For All To See

Some really interesting and much needed facts are shown in these photos…………….

Cool Burns are carried out by  Game Keepers between the months of October and April.  At this time of year there is much less risk to wildlife and habitat.  The fires at this time of year don’t touch the underground peat but just remove the old long rank heather, you can see this clearly in the photos.  By completing strip burning any wildlife has the chance to move over to a non-fire habitat.

Young heather absorbs more carbon than rank old strands of heather.  There are 2 photos included which show just how quickly heather regenerates.  The 2 areas showing the new shoots were where the Game Keeper had performed a cool burn earlier in the year (about 6 months ago).

The sheep in the photos are grazing on the young heather which flourished during July, August and September and has provided a good food supply. With the large outbreak of Heather Beetle across the North York Moors this year it is fortunate that these recently burnt areas are available to provide new quality food.

The areas of moorland which had controlled burns carried out earlier in the year benefits from flowering later than the older heather which means there is an extended season for bees.