Anyone for a new rockery?!

With just over 2 months to go till the glorious 12th the preparations being made by the game-keepers are well under way for the upcoming season and one of the more common jobs at this time of year will be repairing or installing lines of butts.

The photos here show the levels of progression in building a new butt, when finished this will be in a row of 9, so at the moment it’s only 1 down and 8 more to go so this is sure to keep the keepers busy for a while!  This new line of butts will be completed by August and as you can see by the 1st completed butt they’re going to be pretty impressive.

The game-keepers complete an extensive array of jobs throughout the year from predator control, heather burning, bracken spraying to butt building, is there no end to their talents?  I’m sure with the right contacts these excellent skills could be utilised in my garden, I’m thinking nice patio or rockery!!!