An Unfortunate End for the Juvenile Hen Harrier

Unfortunately this type of information rarely makes the press  so I thought I’d share for you all.

Hen Harriers are listed as a Schedule 1 species under The Wildlife and Countryside Act and they are classed as Red listed, meaning they are of the highest conservation priority.

The males are a pale grey colour whereas the females and immatures are brown with a white rump and a long, barred tail which give them the name ‘ringtail’.  They fly with wings held in a shallow ‘V’, gliding low in search of food which mainly consists of meadow pipits and voles.

It is very sad to hear that this juvenile Hen Harrier has met with an untimely end but the actual mortality rate of young Birds of Prey because of unfortunate accidents is high.

Quote from Graham Featherstone “It has been confirmed that the bird which I found on Glaisdale moor was a juvenile Hen Harrier.  It had flown into power lines in a snow storm on 3rd Feb. A sad ending to a beautiful bird”.