A Barbecue on the North York Moors, Is it worth the risk?

2019 to date has seen continued long spells of unseasonably dry warm weather and minimal rain.  The first 2 photos have been sent in today demonstrate just how dry the ground currently is and why we all need to take extra care.



The Met Office’s Fire Severity Index (FSI) is an assessment of how severe a fire could become if one were to start and NOT of the risk of wildfires occurring.  The current FSI for the North York Moors is High to Very High.

This however is not enough of a deterrent for some individuals and neither is the fact that devastating wildfires are still being publicised in the media as they are happening across the country.  Some people just don’t listen, picture 2 shows the items removed from the moor by a gamekeeper today and picture 3 shows the remains and damage to the moors, luckily this event didn’t lead to a wildfire but is it worth the risk.

Please be extra vigilant, we are now not within the agreed burning window, if you see smoke then ring 999 immediately as this will be a wildfire and if you see any individuals acting irresponsibly please alert the police.