Lots 33 to 40 – Last Call Bidding Ends Tonight

Bidding Ends TONIGHT for our 2019 NYMMO Charity Auction.  You only have till midnight.

LOT 33

A Stoney Creek Stowit, Ultra-lightweight waterproof jacket


LOT 34

An evening or morning stalking or sitting in a high seat for a Muntjack or Fallow with no trophy fees (Northamptonshire)


LOT 35

1 Day ferreting on Ingleby & Baysdale in January/February for 3 guns, ferrets can be provided or you can bring your own


LOT 36

A pair of Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Wellington Boots


LOT 37

A mating from a well bred proven Red Cocker dog, has thrown Red/Lemon and White/Lemon roan pups. Related to Kiltonbeck Rollo the 2019 Championship Cocker, pedigree available on request.


LOT 38

Sunday Lunch for 4 people at the Dudley Arms at Ingleby Greenhow


LOT 39

A Days hind stalking for 1 person (can bring a friend to watch) at Lonsdale Estate with kind permission of Earl of Lonsdale


LOT 40

A Photo Session with Sporting and Country Images, for your working/gun/pet dog, where you will receive 20 electronic images and 1 No. 8” x 10” print of your choice


Lots 25 to 32 – Bidding Closes Tomorrow – Don’t Miss Out

The NYMMO Charity Auction Ends Midnight tomorrow.

LOT 25

An introduction to taxidermy with Melvyn Brindley, where you will leave with your first complete piece of taxidermy (which will be a bird)


LOT 26

1 hour Clay Lesson and Gun Fitting with Tom Payne


LOT 27

1 Day ferreting for 2 people with Simon Whitehead on the North York Moors, including preparation for the table etc.


LOT 28

2 course meal for 4 people including a bottle of wine at the Feathers Hotel, Helmsley


LOT 29

2 Rods for a days trout fishing on Spring Lakes, Rievaulx, fly only (Date T.B.C.)


LOT 30

An evening in a high seat to shoot Roe Deer in North Yorkshire


LOT 31

2 Guns on a mixed bag day at Ingleby & Baysdale, walk and stand day in December, approx. 50-60 head, lunch provided


LOT 32

Morning or Afternoon Spaniel training session with the 2019 Cocker Champion– ship winner Steve Winspear, shooting rabbits/game. Bring your own dog for training advice and watch trialling dogs in training (Date T.B.C.)



Lots 17 to 24 – Only 2 More Days To Get Your Bids In

The NYMMO Charity Auction draws to a close at 12 Midnight on 31st August, don’t miss out get your bids in now!

LOT 17

A Days Grouse Hawking for 4 spectators, watching Peregrine Falcons working above pointers, stooping to catch Red Grouse (Date T.B.C. in November)


LOT 18

The “Game Larder”, a pheasant canvas by wildlife artist Coral Rose


LOT 19

1 Year subscription to Fieldsports Journal


LOT 20

A highly sought after Trapping Hammer, by Fourteen Acre


LOT 21

An NMR-30 LED Nightmaster Torch


LOT 22

A Ridgeline Torrent 3 Field Jacket, hooded and waterproof


LOT 23

700ml Bottle of Bruadar Morrison and Mackay Whisky


LOT 24

2 Standing Guns on a rough shoot on the North York Moors (Date T.B.C.)



Lots 9 to 16 – Get Your Bids In Before The Weekend

The NYMMO Charity Auction is drawing to a close with only a few days left to get your bids in.  Do it now, don’t miss out!


An original Snipe painting, by Wildlife and Sporting Artist Jason Lowes


LOT 10

1 Gun on a 200 bird day shooting Pheasant and Partridge at Rievaulx, North Yorkshire (Date T.B.C.)


LOT 11

A day shooting rabbits with ferrets, with Rachel Carrie and Simon Whitehead (Date T.B.C.)


LOT 12

Sunday Lunch for 2 people including a bottle of Pernshire Wine at the Michellin Starred Star Inn at Harome, voted best Sunday Lunch in the world by Lonely Planet 2019 (Date T.B.C.)


LOT 13

A Deerhunter Gamekeepers Smock (windproof, waterproof and breathable), size Large


LOT 14

1 Year subscription to the Countrymans Weekly


LOT 15

1 Gun on a Keepers Day at Settrington Estate shooting Pheasants (Date T.B.C.)


LOT 16

2 Guns for 1 day shooting bolting rabbits with ferrets on the North York Moors, (Ferrets and Ferreter provided)




Auction Lots 1 to 8 – Last Chance to Bid this Week

The NYMMO Charity Auction draws to a close this weekend (12 midnight on 31st August), the bids are coming in thick and fast, have you got yours in, don’t miss out.


A rough days shooting for 4-6 people, shooting on the edges of the Bransdale Moor, approx. 150 head. (Date T.B.C.– Nov/Dec 2019)



3 Day Trip for 2 Guns to Lindisfarne, wildfowling with Sir Johnny Scott,         accommodation, breakfast and evening meal provided (Date T.B.C.)



BUY Charlie Jacoby for a day! Charlie runs the popular Fieldsports Channel on YouTube, which puts out a weekly show about shooting and hunting. The       winning bidder gets Charlie for a full day to film, the only condition is that it has to be a sporting activity and it has to go on YouTube (he will make you look like a god or goddess!). After filming Charlie will edit the film and you will get one pass for re-edit. This package usually sells for £3,000+ to Fieldsports       Channel’s commercial sponsors.



Schoffel Oakham Fleece Gilet in Espresso



1 Full Gun Service (not including replacement parts) by Stuart Gosney-Gunsmith.



6 Guns on a 60-80 bird walked up day on the North York Moors, shooting pheasants and partridge in January 2020 (Date T.B.C.)



1 Year Subscription to the Shooting Times



A Game Hamper donated by L&A Dent Game Dealers


Moorland Pollinators – Here Comes The Heather Honey

Once the heather on our North York Moors is in full bloom then it is very common that we get some special visitors moving in.  For approx. 6 weeks the Moors will become home to bees (in their hives) and this enables the production of some fantastic much sought after Heather Honey.  Unfortunately this year large areas of the North York Moors have been hit by Heather Beetle but luckily we still have some other areas that remain undamaged to house the bees.  This year it has been even more important for the Beekeepers to work closely with the Estate Owners and Gamekeepers to find the best location for their hives. 

NYMMO were very kindly donated a box full of jars of heather honey by local bee keeper Trever with funds raised going to help us put on more education days.  Trevor places approximately 70 million bees and over 250 hives on the moors of just one NYMMO estate.  We took the jars of Heather Honey with us to BBC Countryfile and they were an absolute sell out, the “Try Before You Buy” approach definitely worked with 1 person even wanting to buy the remainder of the sample jar as we had run out of full jars to sell.  Heather Honey looks darker than the average honey, has a very unique taste and contains more proteins and minerals than other varieties of honey but young or old they all loved it.

It is commonly said that the best Heather Honey is produced on Grouse moors and this is down to their moorland management regime which incorporates a 5 year cycle of rotational burning.  The heather is burned in patches so there is always old and new heather in close proximity and this regeneration leads to increased flowering and pollination which is perfect for the Honey Bees to work.

The Honey Bees are another great example of the Biodiversity shown on managed moorland and at a time when bee populations are in decline it is nice to know we’re definitely doing our bit to help secure their future as well as getting to enjoy some extra tasty honey.

4 Monumental Days at BBC Countryfile Live Castle Howard

The team effort shown on the National Gamekeepers Organisation stand was truly phenomenal bringing together so many of the top country sports organisations to deliver a quality experience to all who visited.

There are just so many highlights that we can’t name them all so apologies for anyone missed from the list but here goes, and if you don’t fancy reading lots, then scroll through the photos below, to say we’ve had a packed 4 days is an understatement:-

“The 3 E’s” – Excitement, Education, Engagement.

“The Moorland Groups” – NYMMO alongside Forest of Bowland, Nidderdale, North Pennines, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales, delivering literature and information on moorland management as well as creating the managed/unmanaged moorland scene which created no end of interest and questions.  The NYMMO merchandise Shooting Socks, Pens, Badges, Puzzle Trays, Backpacks and especially the Tick Removers went down a storm and alongside the fabulous “Shuttle Socks” the donation pot each day looked very healthy.

“The Keepers” – In attendance every day, proudly dressed in their tweeds, chatting to the public and answering questions, Tom our NYMMO gamekeeper being interviewed for BBC Radio, Jimmy our NYMMO keeper co-hosting the cookery slot and all in all generally passing on the managed moorland and shooting estate knowledge.

“National Gamekeepers Organisation” – Bringing together so many different aspects and people to deliver a informative wonderful experience for the public.

“BASC North” – The collaboration and work put into bringing the 4 days together, providing the shoot simulator which saw approx. 1000 people having a go, the “TASTE of GAME” kitchen showcasing “Field To Fork” at it’s very best and army of volunteer helpers.

“Wild & Game” – Supplying the public (and the helpers) with game samples in the form of pie’s and pate’s which went down a treat, their very own chef Oliver Prince cooking up a storm in the kitchen and allowing NYMMO’s own gamekeeper Jimmy to join him in the kitchen to give the background behind the full Field to Fork experience.

“Simon Whitehead” – The ferret and rabbit expert and now very definitely known as the “Man who Can” after improvising after the breakdown of his bread crumb maker by using a power drill.  Aside from the drill episode, Simon delivered rabbit butchery and cooking demonstrations to packed audiences and not forgetting his ferrets who resided in the marquee too.

“Silver Sheldon” – The lady that is “Hadrians Game Larder” cooked up a storm in the kitchen with various tasty game dishes and formed part of a brilliant double act with Simon Whitehead.

“John Cavana (Connolly’s Red Mills) and his gorgeous Labradors who enjoyed the strokes and pats from the hundreds who stopped to say hi.  John also donned his tweeds on the stage at “The Sheep Show” to promote the wool to tweed link.

“Pigeon Plucking” – Children and adults plucking pigeons and then watching as they are cooked then given back for them to enjoy.  Quote of the week definitely came from Jesse aged 7 “Eat pigeon, it’s better than Haribo’s”

“National Gamekeepers Education Trust” – A fantastic display of low ground foliage with taxidermy and even a pond, a really interesting display which the kids absolutely loved looking round searching for the birds, animals and learning about the plants.

“Sir Johnny Scott” – The legend that is, signing countless numbers of books and chatting to many an admirer.

“Askham Bryan College” – Brian Sweeney on hand answering all questions regarding getting into game-keeping, the courses available and the avenues to be explored.

“Trevor Swales” – A gentleman not present on the stand, but importantly his Heather Honey was, this specialist honey from the North York Moors highlights again the huge number of people that benefit and rely on the moors.  The honey was up for tasting and the result was the sell out of all jars, Trevor kindly gave all proceeds from the sale of his honey to NYMMO to help us continue with our work.

Input also from the British Deer Society and Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)












Day 3 Completed at BBC Countryfile Live North

Following a very wet and muddy start the sun brought the visitors out and the crowds were still there at closing time this evening.

The fantastic collaboration on The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation stand of some of the top Country Sports organisations is certainly living up to expectations.

We’ve seen Silver Sheldon and Simon Whitehead and following them today was the new “Dream Team of Oliver Prince (Wild & Game) and Jimmy Shuttlewood (NYMMO Gamekeeper).  Oliver cooked up a lovely Grouse dish and Jimmy chatted to the audience all about the Red Grouse, most surprisingly was the fact that there was not one person who had ever tried Grouse below.  Don’t worry though they all have

John Cavana takes to the stage in front of a packed audience at the Sheep Show promoting his wool made tweeds with the “Dancing Sheep”

Today definitely seemed like the busiest day of the show so far and our Gamekeepers were certainly kept very busy answering the continuous stream of questions relating to traps, Birds of Prey, Moorland conservation and much much more.

Lots more of the 3 “E’s” – Excitement, Education and Engagement.


Day 2 Completed at BBC Countryfile Live North


Top Highlights today on the National Gamekeepers Organisation stand at Castle Howard.

Live interview with BBC Radio Humberside and our very own NYMMO Gamekeeper Tom talking all things Moorland.

Lots more of the 3 “E’s” – Excitement, Education and Engagement

Pigeon Plucking and Pigeon Cooking.

BASC bag designing and making

Grouse Ragu and lots of tasty testers

So all in all a very packed full of fun stand including the following:

BASC North, Taste of Game, Sir Johnny Scott, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), British Deer Society, Wild & Game, Simon Whitehead, Silver Sheldon, Hadrian’s Game Larder, Connolly’s Red Mills, John Cavana, National Gamekeepers Organisation Educational Trust, Forest of Bowland Moorland Group and Shuttle Socks.

We’re back tomorrow come and join in the fun, the suns hopefully coming out to play too! 🤞🤞🤞


The 1st Week Almost Completed

As we near the end of the 1st week of the Grouse Shooting season, we ask the question, have you managed to sample some grouse yet?

Prospects for this years Grouse Season are quite mixed but hopefully their will be enough shoot days, which in turn will bring in visitors to the area and then provide the vital lifelines which many local towns and villages rely on.

Richard Waind of S Waind & Son the local butcher from Kirkby Moorside near Helmsley quotes “We receive dressed grouse from local estates in North Yorkshire and have developed grouse sausages and burgers which have been a real hit with the public, along with whole grouse birds which have also sold well.  Grouse is a low-fat healthy meat offering a rich flavour and it is fantastic that consumers are now eating far more consciously by choosing game produce in season.  The additional demand for game meat during the Grouse season provides a welcome increase in sales to the business.

So………………….. once you’ve taken a trip to your local butchers and picked up some grouse, here’s what you can do with it.

There are some fantastic recipes here from BASC and Taste of Game. If you are new to Game Cooking then they’ll give you some ideas or if you’re a seasoned pro you can try something different either way they look really tasty.