Educating the Children about Fox Control

Over the last 2 days the North York Moors has seen a fair amount of snow and the gamekeepers have been very busy out looking for foxes. 
Today they’ve had a couple of young helpers with them, they were very enthusiastic to learn about how finding the foxes might make their chickens at home a little safer.
The fox is one of the main predators to the Ground Nesting Birds and as the snow sets on the ground the gamekeepers have a chance to track, trace and follow the foxes from the footprints that they make in the snow.
This could be a job that takes only a few minutes or could last a good number of hours, some foxes are found resting in heather or under-cover but many are traced to underground holes.  This is when the Game keepers will use a terrier, the dog will be put down the hole which will then prompt the fox to bolt out, the waiting keepers will then be able to shoot and humanely dispatch the fox.  This process is totally LEGAL and 100% within the law.
This job is another essential part of moorland management and helps to protect the Red Grouse along with ALL the other ground nesting birds.

The Snow Is Back!

Please take care if you’re travelling to the North York Moors over the coming days as the snow has now arrived with further showers forecast over the coming days.

We’ve already seen a few mishaps, so you have been warned!


Dreams Can Come True

Dreams really can come true and for Steve Winspear and his dog Kiltonbeck Rollo this happened last weekend at the working Cocker Championship in Lauder.
This is an absolutely fantastic achievement in a prestigious competition that has been running since the early 1800’s and the last time anyone from the North East took the top honours in this accolade was in the 1980’s.
Steve Winspear works part-time on the Rosedale & Westerdale estate, where he is also the head picker through shooting season and he also picks up on Farndale and a handful of other estates in the #NorthYorkMoors.
To celebrate his success Steve held a celebration evening in the Feversham Arms Inn Farndale on Saturday to say thank you to everyone who helped him and let him train his dogs on their land.  Steve said so many people have played a part in getting him where he is today it’s been a real team effort.
All in all a great success for Steve and the whole North Yorkshire area.

A Big Thank You for Helping Us

NYMMO would like to thank the Dudley Arms for their continued support with our ongoing Gift Of Game campaign.  They are very kindly storing free of charge the ready meals generously donated by Wild & Game which we are then distributing to drop in centres around the region.
The Dudley Arms located at Ingleby Greenhow on the edge of the North York Moors is a traditional 17th Century coaching Inn synonymous for its meat and game menus.  Known locally for its fantastic locally sourced food, it also has a reputation for producing several chefs that have gone on to work at Michelin Star level.  One of these individuals even started out working in the kitchen of one of our estates, before moving onto the Dudley Arms and then onto the award-winning Michelin Star “House Of Tides” in Newcastle, but thankfully he’s not forgot his roots as he can regularly be seen cooking game at the Great Yorkshire Show in July.
Wild and Game offer exquisitely delicious game from the Great British Countryside and for anyone who hasn’t purchased anything from them yet then the time to do it, is definitely now.  They are a non-profit organisation with their aim being to introduce the public to the great taste of game meat.  You can’t even use the excuse that you don’t know what to make with the pheasant, partridge or grouse breast, alternatively try their pies, pasties, sausage rolls or even just sausages to get you started.
The above are two great organisations that champion game meat, if you’re looking to eat out try the Dudley Arms or if you’re looking to sample some game meat at home then get in touch with Wild and Game, and then most importantly don’t forget to let us know what you think, all feedback is very much appreciated.
Keep your eyes peeled we’ll be back on the road with our Gift Of Game campaign very soon.

Not a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 Job!

The Gamekeeper job is definitely not Monday to Friday or 9 to 5.  These images were taken yesterday and due to the seasonal window and weather restrictions attached to burning this is why weekends on the NorthYork Moors at the moment are very busy.
The controlled burning of heather is undertaken between the 1st October and 15th April.  This is the safest time possible as the soil should be wet so the chance of burning into the peat is minimal therefore ensuring a cool burn.
We are currently experiencing very good weather for burning, minimal rain and light winds hence the many plumes of smoke that are visible all over the moors at present.  This is a great sight at this time of year but definitely not in the middle of summer and hopefully the fire breaks which are b
eing created at the moment will minimise the risk of wildfires during the warm dry summer months.