Helping Daddy at Work

Estates that run driven Grouse shoot days employ additional staff known as “Picker Ups” these individuals have a team of dogs that work throughout the area around the Grouse Butts once the drive has finished, they then try and collect all the birds that have been shot.

The Gamekeepers will normally re-sweep the areas around the Grouse Butts later on in the day after the shooting is complete or usually the next day. These fab photos show our Gamekeeper and his helpers who definitely look like they’re enjoying themselves, it certainly makes for a different family day out!



NYMMO Charity Auction – Lot No. 3 Ladies Alpina Heated Boots

A closer look at Auction Lot 3, kindly donated by Alpina we have the ladies Alpina Heated Boots.

“Say Good-bye to Cold Feet”

 Ladies Trapper Heat model blends the pedigree of a hill boot with market-leading Heat technology for year round use and comfort.  

 3 Levels of Heat in 1 Boot

  • normal wearer foot temperature
  • 55 degrees (for up to 4 hours from a full battery)
  • 45 degrees (up to 4 hours on full battery)
  • 45 degrees (for up to 4 hours on full battery)

What is the In Temp Heating System

  • Market first.  Alpina’s unique patented heating system.
  • Proven technology. First used in Alpina’s downhill and back-country ski boot range.
  • Proven product. Available in three models of hill boot.

 How Heating System Works

  • Each boot has a battery in the cuff.
  • Plug the charger in to the battery jack on each boot and leave to charge. (The charger flashes with a green light while charging is in progress).
  • Once the battery is charged the boot is ready to be switched on when required. (The charger shows a small green light when battery is fully charged)
  • Press the square InTemp button at the top of the boot. The red flashing light on the side of the boot shows it is warming up. Adjust warmth as required.
  • The front toe cap and mid-point of the foot warm up. Natural blood flow moves the warmth down the length of the wearer’s foot.
  • It takes 30 minutes to fully charge both boots. Easily done at home or in the car or truck.

Where to find Alpina in UK

Available through Alpina Authorised Retailers from September 1, 2018 onwards. Please ring advance to check stock levels.

James Purdey & Son, London

West London Gun Room, London

Wadswicks, Corsham,

Ultimate Fishing, Newcastle

Weldon Gun Room, Morpeth

Johnson & Brown, Shildon

North Allerton Shooting Supplies, Thirsk.

Game & Country, Selkirk

James Crockart & Son, Blairgowrie.

HIS Ltd, Inverness

 UK Pricing

  • £ 295.00
  • The batteries and charger plus UK adaptor are sold with the boots.
  • Single replacement batteries will also be available.

Additional Technical Detail


7.4 Lithium

Provides 1000 cycles.

Charged from a wall socket or in-car charger.

Sole (Cemented technology):

  • Built on a new Ladies last
  • Outsole: Vibram
  • Midsole: PU + shock absorbing
  • Toe Protection Unit
  • Insole: Termo-Insulating


  • Waterproof
  • 2.4 mm Nubuck Leather construction
  • Protective rubber rand

Lining:  Sympatex

Lace Guides: Mountaineer grade.

Laces: Mountaineer grade. Length 200 cm.

Weight: 840g/ boot – including battery

Colour: Olive Nubuck

Sole type: medium flex

Size run: UK 2.5- 8. Boots have removable inner sole unit under the foot-bed to fit a half size larger.  For example a UK 6 will also fit a UK 6.5.

Farmers Breakfast with Gamekeeper Charlie

A game keepers role has changed greatly over the last decade and it now incorporates lots of education and engagement involvement to a wide audience range.  
Charlie one of our NYMMO game keepers has just completed a morning as guest speaker at the Ryedale Carers Support “Farmers Breakfast”.  The group watched the “Year in a life of a game keeper” power-point presentation, 
and enjoyed chatting to Charlie.
Ryedale Carers Support is a registered charity (number 1076716), based in a rural part of North Yorkshire, whose purpose is to provide practical and emotional support for carers, the people they care for and older people living on their own.  The service provided by volunteers, supports carers and those being cared for in their own home.  It enables carers to have a well-earned break and maintain a life away from their caring role, whether this is social or work related.  Volunteers also relieve the social isolation experienced by many older people living on their own in a rural area.
One of our projects is called, ‘Farmers Breakfast’, this is a monthly meeting of predominately men who would like the opportunity to meet people like themselves. Many of them are lonely and isolated. We invite a variety of speakers to come and talk to the group on subjects ranging from northern butterflies, the Rosedale railway to estate management.
Ryedale Carers Support could not offer any of its services without our amazing volunteers. If you can help us with a couple of hours a week or a fortnight, to provide friendly and supportive company we would love to hear from you 01751 432288.

NYMMO 2018 Charity Auction

We are pleased to announce our 2018 charity auction is now live, we have 18 fantastic lots on offer so bid generously.  If you need any further information or have any questions please email

We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations last year and hopefully we can raise lots more money from these lots too.

The closing date for all bids to be received by NYMMO is Sunday 26th August 2018 at 12 mid-day.  Bids can be made by email or by post and all bids must show the lot number, brief description, maximum bid amount, bidders name, address and contact number.


2018 NYMMO Charity Auction


The not so common Nightjars

These chicks are quite rare and I think this is the first post I have ever done about Nightjars.

Nightjars are on the Amber list for conservation meaning that they are the next most threatened group behind the Red’s population wise.  The Nightjars arrive back in the UK between late April to mid-May and they are best looked and listened for at dusk on warm, still, summer evenings and they will then generally leave again in August.

Nightjars are nocturnal birds and can be seen hawking for food at dusk and dawn.  With pointed wings and a long tail their shape is similar to a kestrel or cuckoo and their cryptic, grey-brown, mottled, streaked and barred plumage provides ideal camouflage in the daytime.  They have an almost supernatural reputation with their silent flight and their mythical ability to steal milk from goats.  The first indication that a nightjar is near is usually the male’s churring song, rising and falling with a ventriloquial quality.

The North York Moors has an abundance of wildlife and bird species, and these Nightjars are just one species that often goes unnoticed.